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Phonotonic Cyan


Out of stock

Change the way you live music with Phonotonic!

Phonotonic allows you to create and control the music in real time just with your moves.

  • Motion sensor and App that create and control the music
  • 1000+ possible music mixes
  • Record your best perf & battles and share them on social media
  • Connect a second phonotonic for more interactivity
  • Party with friends or relax with family, you decide!

Choose your color :

In stock, leaves warehouse in 4-5 business days (Europe + USA)



Out of stock


In the box you have :
– The Phonotonic motion sensor
– The Phonotonic product
– The notice – Download the notice
– The power cable
– The free Phonotonic app

Secure payment – 1 year warranty – Client support


Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 8.4 x 8.4 x 7.6 cm

iOS Compatibilty (from iOS 7.1)
iPhone (4S and above)
iPad (3rd generation and above)
iPad Mini (1st generation and above)
iPod Touch (5th generation and above)
Android Compatibility (5.0 and above)
Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony XPeria Z, Motorola X (non-exhaustive list)
Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy required


Rechargeable via USB
Dimensions and weight
Product dimension: 3,3 x 3,3 x 2,9 in
Sensor dimensions: 0,5 x 1,3 x 1,7 in
Product weight: 299g
Sensor weight: 15g
Terms of use:
– Do not expose Phonotonic to water, do not immerse in water
– Do not expose Phonotonic to heat superior to 40°C (104°F)
– Do not put the sensor inside metal objects


  1. I discovered it in a newspaper and I offered two to my brother because he is a musician and he loves new stuff. he uses them to make music with his instruments. Cool innovation!

  2. Thank you Peter ! What kind of instruments does your brother use ?
    You can share your creations with us on Snapchat [Name : Phonotonic] or on Facebook.

  3. The app is awesome

  4. I saw an article about the startup, good idea and good luck!

  5. Love the interaction with movement and sound. Been using two and thinking it would be great as a musician to add my own sounds to then use in a live gig/ DJ Set or get friends to remix on the fly.
    Through a big sound system it really feels like the future of music is here.

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