Phonotonic is a unique musical experience.
Just move to make music!

Don't Play Music,
Be Music.

Phonotonic is the new music experience for all.
It is a smart object with an App.
Control the beat, the melody, and sound effects just by moving with Phonotonic!


Silicon skin
Soft touch, Resistant

Charge with microUSB
4h in use

Remove the sensor
Place it in any objects

Choose Music Packs from our Catalog
Mix them together

0.89 lb

Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Low Energy


Compatibles devices with Phonotonic : All the devices with Bluetooth 4.0

iOS :

iPhone 4s and more, iPad mini and more, iPad 3 and more, iPod Touch 5 and more


For Android 5 and upward.
Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z, Motorola X (non-exhaustive list)

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