Phonotonic is a new musical experience thanks to a motion sensor and an app which creates and control the music.

Before using it, we recommend our users to charge the sensor during at least 1 hour.
Then simply activate the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet then move and shake the sensor to let the application to recognize it.

For now, we chose to connect 2 phonotonics with the application. Indeed, after user testing, we found that beyond two phononotics, it could become confused. To keep the experience accessible for anyone, we decided to have a maximum of two sensors: one for the melody and the second for the rhythm.

Not at all, it depends on how you will use it, you can choose to have one or two.
When two phonotonics are connected, we split melody and rhythm.
With one Phonotonic, you have several options: play only the melody, only the rhythm or melody and rhythm in the same time.

If you encounter any problem in the sensor connection, here are some tips:
-Make sure your phone or tablet is compatible with our app
-Check that the sensor is charged
-Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the application

-iOS compatibility (7.1 or higher), iPhone 4S (or higher), iPad 3 (or higher), iPad Air (or higher), iPad mini (or higher), iPod Touch 5 (or higher)

-Android compatibility (5.0 and higher)

-Bluetooth Low Energy -Compatibility required

It is possible that once that the sensor is discharged, the music does not stop or stops with latency. Just exit and charge the sensor for 1 hour.

It is not yet possible to integrate my own music. Today, every tracks are created by artists we work with and they are all pre-programmed into the application.

Update the application allows you to get our new tracks and new features.

Make sure that the Bluetooth of your smartphone or tablet is on, that the sensor is on too (blinking light). Then, you can press the top right button: your sensor should appear. You can directly assign the rhythm and the melody to your sensor.

Check that the sensor is on (light), the Bluetooth on your Smartphone or Tablet has been activated. You need to go on the “Update” page of the menu, then select your sensor via the button “select your Phonotonic”. Find your Phonotonic (its name starts with “Phonotonic-“), if it does not appear, go back and press again on “select your Phonotonic”. Once you’ve selected your sensor, press the “Download” button that just became blue, and choose update. Wait a little, less than 3 minutes, if all goes well your sensor should turn off or flash. You can now restart the application.

A firmware update is available for your sensor in the iOS application to optimize its battery and improve some features.

We deliver in France and Europe. If you need additional information, please contact our support.

If you ever encounter latency, it is possible that another device is connected via Bluetooth to your phone: a speaker for example. We recommend using a wired speaker and disconnect the other device to enjoy the experience Phonotonic.

It happens that some Android devices require a PIN Code.
In this case, you can directly ignore the message. Turn the Bluetooth on on your phone, then launch the application and click on “cancel” or “ignore”.

There is no specific information on the diode when it is charging.
However, here is some informations about the diode:
-When The blue LED flashes: the sensor is on
-When The blue LED is static: the sensor is connected

There is no ON/OFF button. The sensor goes into standby after one minute.

The battery has a 4h autonomy in use and 24 hours of standby time. We still work on this feature in order to use it longer.

You should charge it for an hour.

The sensor is charged via USB port, it’s behind the colored part of the sensor.

Make sure the sensor is connected and activate the “Ring” mode of your phone or increase the sound coming from the phone.

We are always looking for new artists that would expand our music library. You can send an email to contact@phonotonic.net someone from our team will reply to you shortly.