Context: 3 schools from Issy-les-Moulineaux, 3 speakers: Alice Daquet (Author, composer, performer / specialist in cognitive psychology), known by her stage name “Sir Alice”, Pierre (Sound designer at Phonotonic) and Laurent Camatte (violist for Ensemble Court-Circuit spent 4 days sharing and discovering music with children.

3 groups of children, between 6 – 10 years old, followed creative workshops animated by Alice Daquet and Pierre (Phonotonic member). Among those groups, 2 of them are composed of foreign children who recently learnt to speak French. Concerning the third group, they were mostly affected by attention disorders. The main challenge was to understand music differently and the learning was based on the body, movement, coordination or memory.

Here is a description of the week:First, it was necessary to present phonotonic and its features to the children, especially the sounds designed for them.Indeed, the Phonotonic team created a track available for a “4-people Phonotonic experience” just for this week. The young virtuosos learnt the music and then practiced.On the 3rd day, the artist Laurent Camatte made an intervention with those groups. He insisted on the difference between the phonotonic and an acoustic instrument. He tried to implement like a musical discussion, highlighting the ability to communicate at the right time and to accept moments of silence.

Moreover, Pierre, our phonotonic member tells us: “From that moment they understood the importance of silence in music. They have succeeded in combining phonotonic with creation and not only with entertainment “The last day, speakers focused on sound creation with an animated movie. The phonotonic started to be instinctive for them. There was a good result: the children were very satisfied about their achievement. The result of the week is more than positive. Speakers brought a new way to approach and design the music. We would like to thank children, Alice Daquet, Laurent Camatte & Ensemble Court-Circuit and the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux.